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  Swagelok, Superlok, Hoke, and Parker are among the popular brands we work with.

  All SFS mechanics must go through the fitting manufacturer and system manufacturer training classes.

  SFS can custom bend tubes for high and low-pressure fuel lines, or non-pressurized PRD vent lines.

  Knowledge of proper installation clearances, stress loops, weep holes, capping, decal requirements, securement spacing, and when to add heat shields.

  We only stock domestically manufactured seamless, 316 stainless steel tubing for optimal performance under high and low pressure.

  SFS inventory consists of a wide variety of stainless-steel compression fittings in multiple brands.

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  Our tools are made of the highest quality to ensure no damage to the tubing through the bending, deburring, cutting, and swaging process.

  Having years of experience speeds up the time it takes to custom bend difficult replacements from scratch.

  If installing new tubing, we pressurize and leak test all fitting connections, confirming no leaks will present themselves on route.

  SFS stocks the hose and fittings to make low-pressure flex hoses in house.

  We are not certified to make electrically conductive high-pressure CNG hoses in house, but we stock a great variety of flex hoses in multiple lengths for 3/8" ID and 1/2" ID through the Swagelok and Parker product line.

  Consistency is our game, giving you confidence that the fitment and quality will be there each time.

  If our inventory does not include what you need, we can quickly identify and order the proper tube or hose.

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cng tank replacement