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  We service tanks from Hexagon Agility, Lincoln, Worthington, SCI, Luxfer, Quantum, Faber, Chart Industries, and other popular brands.

  Utilize Type 1 (all steel), Type 2 (steel and composite), Type 3 (aluminum and composite), and Type 4 (plastic and composite) CNG tanks.

  Work is 100% completed at your location, based on your schedule.

  We can arrive after hours or on weekends to minimize downtime.

  Our on-hand inventory includes a variety of the commonly used CNG tanks and tank accessories, allowing immediate access to tank replacements.

  SFS works directly with many of the tank manufacturers to quickly identify the replacement you need.

  LNG tanks are not kept in our stocking inventory and are ordered from the factory when needed.

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  We have the necessary equipment to transfer fuel from another vehicle to eliminate the need for a tow truck to the fuel station upon completion.

  Our mechanics will properly condition new tanks before releasing them into service.

  New certifications are emailed after tanks are installed to stay compliant with code.

  SFS condemns, hauls away, destroys and disposes of the old tanks, leaving no unwanted mess behind.

  After installing the replacement tanks and plumbing, we leak test the entire system to ensure no leaks are found.

  If there are any issues with leaks or fitment, SFS has the fittings, tubing, and supplies necessary on our mobile trucks to remedy the situation and stay on track for quick completion.

  The vehicle is ready to go back into service as soon as we drive away.

  If any problems are identified when on the route after the tank replacement service is completed, we will promptly take the necessary corrective actions to have you safely back on the road.

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