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  When you come across a damaged tank in your fleet, call us to come out for a complete inspection. Please submit inquiries to [email protected].

  Any vehicles with damaged tanks should be pulled from service until the tanks are inspected, repaired, or removed from the system.

  Each tank manufacturer has its guidelines and classifications for each level of damage.

  If level one damage is found, we can repair the damage immediately.

  If level two damage is found, we will notify the tank manufacturer, send pictures, and supporting documentation.

  Once the tank manufacturer confirms we can perform a repair in the field, we will carry out the necessary steps and return the tank to service.

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  In some cases, we are required to remove the tank and send it back to the manufacturer for further inspection and repair.

  If level 3 damage is found, no repairs are allowed, the tank must be condemned, and a FAIL inspection sticker will be applied to the tank wall.

  Specialty Fleet Services arrives on-site equipped to handle tank repairs and often can repair tanks without removing them from the system.

  After completion of the repairs, the tank should remain undisturbed for a minimum of 12 hours to keep debris off of the surface and allow the new resin to properly cure.

  LNG tanks that have damage are required to be pulled off of the vehicle and sent back to the factory for repair.

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For CNG & LNG tank repairs, please contact us at:

  [email protected]

  Or use the contact form below for requests or questions regarding CNG & LNG tank repairs.

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cng tank replacement