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Our team proudly offers certified CNG tank inspections for fleets across America. Each one of our mechanics are sent to training classes and must pass the required test to earn their title as a Certified CNG Fuel System Inspector. Trust in Specialty Fleet Services to provide proper inspections and documentation without cutting corners. We have the knowledge, experience, and certifications to keep your team safe and your vehicles compliant.

When should your system or tanks be inspected?

  Every 36 months or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first

  In the event of an accident (commonly at speeds of 5 miles per hour or more)

  When tanks are exposed to excessive heat, fire, or harsh chemicals

  If damage is found on or around the tanks

  If tanks are dropped or impacted

  Any time a replacement system or tanks are installed onto a vehicle

  If the tanks are over pressurized

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What do our inspections include?

  Pass or fail stickers to be applied to each tank and near the fill receptacles

  Visual inspection of the entire CNG system from the tanks to the engine fuel inlet port

  Verification that the system is compliant with codes and industry standards

  Identifying, measuring, and documenting any damage found on the tanks or throughout the system

  Confirm the fuel system is structurally sound

  Leak and function test

  Digital inspection forms for your fleet records to stay compliant

  Feedback of any recommended or required repairs

  Install necessary decals, caps, hardware, and parts with customer approval

  Completed PG&E specific inspection forms for customers using PG&E fuel stations

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Why partner with SFS?

  We are backed by fuel system manufacturers

  Our team members are willing to inspect units after hours or on weekends to eliminate downtime

  We perform inspections at your location, speeding up completion time and avoiding transportation logistics to an offsite facility

  The ability to repair damaged tanks while on site that are within repairable specifications

  Price discounts are available for larger batch quantities to be inspected at one time

  We can perform system repairs while on site with customer permission to decrease downtime

  All inspections are kept on file and can be emailed to you if requested in the future

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